Give the Mobile & Music Lovers on Your List Kicker Stereo Headsets This Holiday!

I was shocked to learn that almost all the people I polled do not listen to music on their cell/smartphone.

It turns out that hey just never got around to figuring out how to load music on, and they haven't been able to find comfortable headphones that look good and give good sound.

So I told them all about KICKER. They specialize in sound for you and your home, car, boat and power sports, so they know sound.

I think the KICKER eb91m MicroFir In-ear Stereo Headset with Microphone are exactly what you want to be able to bring big sound and great music to your life, while being able to communicate with ease whether you're in the comfort of your own car or crammed into a subway car during rush hour.

See, KICKER has made it possible for you to enjoy your music collection and get work done at the same time. Let me explain:

- Firstly, you can use this with your iPhone or Blackberry, which we both know you live and breathe by.

- Secondly, there is an In-Line Microphone that allows you to make and take calls easily without having to suffer through phone elbow or cramming the phone against your ear until it feels it will fall off trying to hear your boss's detailed instructions about the project while you're in the middle of a busy mall. The design is genius - it hangs at jaw level so you don't have to be one of those annoying people holding it up in front of your face - and you can hear everything clearly. There is also a detachable clip that allows you to secure it while on the move.

- And thanks to the Multi-Function Button , you can be listening to music and fast forward a track or switch over to answer or end a call without having to fiddle with your phone - it's right there on your headset, conveniently positioned at chest level for easy access.  Ahhh!

- Let's talk about sound, because for me, I like a lot of base and full sound. KICKER has premium full-range sound, "legendary KICKER bass response," and impedance-aligned, 8-millimeter micro drivers, which in laymen terms means you get a sonic experience like no other. Just imagine walking around with your own personal concerts happening between your ears. 
- Then there is the issue of most earbuds. Most just plop right out of my ears, no matter how many sizes they offer. With KICKER's eb91m, the MicroFit aluminum housing is "33% smaller than standard in-ear monitors," so they are light and comfy and each pack includes a range of soft silicone, noise-canceling tip sizes (medium, small, extra-small and micro) that actually seal in your ear canal so that you get a proper fit and sound.

- The cable isn't something you may thought of that's important but the Kevlar-reinforced, black braided cloth cable is made tough living. Kevlar is what police vests and other military-grade gear is made of, so you can imagine how it will stand up against all that you put against it.

- And because I care about what my accessories look like, you can choose from awesome looks - gun metal or pink.

So change the way someone on your list - or even perhaps yourself - lives and works. 

No doubt you've got a soundtrack to your life. Why not listen to it?

Shop KICKER now.

Stephanie Dickison

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