Discover the Enticing New Burlesque Collection from OPI

Now that New Year's is almost here, I bet you're looking for something a little eye-catching for the big night. Something with sparkle and pizazz.

The new Burlesque Collection by OPI brings with it much razzle and dazzle, but you'll be surprised by how wearable these glittery polishes are - you can rock them long after the ball's dropped.

I tried 4 out of the 12 colours:

- Glow Up Already! looks awfully green in the bottle, but it's quite golden when you put it on. There are flecks of red, orange, pink, blue and gold that go on quite smoothly with a clear base. You get a nice sparkle with just one coat and fantastic coverage with two. I came to like this one very much. It is modern and retro all at once.

- Sometimes you look at a colour and you think no way, it's too much. You might have that initial reaction to Sparkle-iscious, but work past it. It is like a long lost memory of being under a disco ball. Just think about how happy you feel dancing to your favourite songs. With blue, pink and gold glitter swirling around your nails, you'd be hard pressed not to feel good. And like Glow Up Already! you  can swath on just one coat for a hint of excitement or do 2 or 3 and bring the party wherever you go!

- I wasn't sure about Take The Stage at first. It's such a fiery copper. Could I pull it off? But it's smooth application, despite being a metallic (You know how you sometimes get those lines and ridges? Not with OPI) and unique shade grew on me. It is one of those colours that stands out without being too weird or obnoxious. In fact, it might in face become one of your go-to colours this season.

-A fantastic choice for brightening up these dull winter days is Let Me Entertain You! It's quite intriguing - dark raspberry with what looks like gold leaf flecked throughout. It's hot, yet classy. I think it's even work appropriate, but don't let it go to waste with just your office attire. This colour needs to break out every once in awhile, so be sure it is accompanied by a short, sassy dress and towering heels in between your work gear.

Shop the entire Burlesque Collection by OPI.

Stephanie Dickison

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