Yumnuts Naturals - A Healthy Snack Addiction

My fella and I like to snack when we hunker down to watch TV on DVD or a movie. 

I like to stock our "snack box" (a basket leftover from a Christmas present years ago) with healthy stuff that will satisfy our cravings: crackers, dried fruit and lots and lots of varieties of nuts.

One of our favourite recent finds are Yumnuts.

I like that they're not roasted in oil or are loaded artificial ingredients like those other kinds.  You won't find any cholesterol, preservatives, trans fats or gluten in these beauties. And you don't need very many to satisfy you because they are the jumbo variety, so you get a wallop of protein with each and every one.

It's nice to have a change from plain cashews, which are fine, but awfully boring don't you think? Yumnuts come in a variety of fun flavours - Honey, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate, Sea Salt, Chili Lime and Spicy Cajun. The two we tried - Chocolate and Honey - were gone in just two days. 'Nuff said.

Get yourself a whole bunch of Yumnuts and have a healthy snack that tastes like it's shouldn't be!

Stephanie Dickison

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