The Emile Henry Lightweight Flame-Top Stewpot Is a Cook's Dream!

Cooking is one of my joys in life and how I relax, but thanks to carpal tunnel, it can be tough.

Chopping and tossing can really wreak havoc on my hands, but it's about the tools too. I've never had any ceramic cookware - what I deem essential in any cook's kitchen - because they are all way too heavy. I have spent the last 2 decades trying to find cookware that can go both on top of the stove and inside the oven and that I can actually lift. Each season, I truck on out to the kitchen supply stores, lifting various pots and brands, hoping for something can manage. Until now, I have been using 2 pots to cook one dish - a pot on the stove and then a pot in the oven.

That is, until I discovered Emile Henry's Flame-Top Stewpot.

It is a full 30% lighter than all cast iron, which makes it perfect for me or those with arthritis (46 million folks suffer from arthritis and related conditions) and other ailments.

Made from Burgundy Clay, it feels solid, but never unwieldy. And because it's easy to handle - lug handles are easy to grip, even if you're wearing BBQ/oven mitts - I use it all the time! Even with your ingredients filled up inside, it is still manageable to get from oven to tabletop with ease.


You can make everything in it from soup to cornbread and even use it on the grill ("Unlike metal cookware, the flame-top pot can sit on a very hot open flame, empty, for an extended period of time and it won’t crack, discolor or break.").

As you may know, I love comfort dishes, such as One Pot Dinners. And this is the perfect dish for them. In addition to the clay offering a gentle, even cook, the raised dots on the lid's interior allow the juices to stay in with the food, so you get an exceptional roast, casserole, etc with tender, moist meat.

And just look at how much food I was able to get into the pot (pictured below) - there's 4 chicken legs in here, plus vegetables, wine and stock!

Other than how beautifully it cooks everything, I am thrilled with how easy it is to clean. It's naturally non-stick, so you don't have to scrub it, just simply wipe with soap and water. Or go ahead and throw it in the dishwasher, if you like.

You can use the Flame-Top on gas, electric, halogen, barbeque grills and in the microwave. And here's your holiday saving grace - you can take it from the freezer or fridge right into the oven! 

[Play celebratory angelic choral music here]

I had no idea such an amazing product existed. I can now live like regular folks, cooking up a storm, thanks to Emile Henry's Flame-Top Collection.

Shop it now.

Stephanie Dickison

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