Booking Dates for 2011? Get Yourself the Cutest Planner by Daycraft!

I don't know how office people do it.

Those company-issued plastic black cover planners have the worst fonts and no room to write anything. It's 2010 folks - as Ms. Beyonce says, let me upgrade you.

Daycraft, out of Hong Kong, is one of those companies that once you find, you go back to time and again because they make such fantastic, original products.

Look at the awesome Make My Day 2011 Diary (pictured above).

It's red + yellow cloth cover is so striking and the fact that it's edged in yellow too? Oh, your friends are going to be clambering for this one. And It feels like a real book.  There are pages of artwork within - all takeoffs on "Make My Day" - so that you get a break from all the monotony of your appointments and deadlines.  You wanted pretty. Oh this is sooo pretty. The size is fantastic too - 133mm x 161mm. There is enough room to write (thanks to a well-designed uncluttered page), but it won't take up your entire desk or bag.

Isn't that exactly what you want in your planner? Something with some weight and style? This one's got it all. And it starts in August 2010, so you can start filling it up now.

If you know what a maxi dress, kitten heels, loungerie,dry knits and Berber stripes are, you'll want to get your inner-fashionista the Vogue 2011 Diary.
It's like having your own little calendar clutch! The cover is soft and finished with real stitches. The patent look is hot too.I can picture Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen using this beauty. And the elongated format (Pocket size - 89mm x 165mm)  gives you space to record your appointments without feeling like you've got to jam it into a tiny area like with most slim planners.

If you feel you need something even smaller, may I recommend the Mini Signature Diary 2011? The soft cover feels so sumptuous and the coloured edge with 2011 on it is so modern. And despite it's small stature, this little fella holds all your vitals - and then some. This one's perfect for stashing in your purse or desk drawer.

And because you have more than just appointments to keep track of, you'll want to get a Juicy Notebook and a D-Sign Notebook. Note-taking has never looked so good or been so much fun!
You are fun, stylish and unique - why don't you have a planner to match? Shop near you and get a planner that suits you for once.

Stephanie Dickison

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