Pass On Your Best Wishes with Regreet!

I still believe in sending cards and letters through the mail.

Call me old fashioned, but I love giving people something to hold onto. Doesn't it feel like so much more than an email? I think so.

And I know that you might be thinking - we shouldn't be wasting paper!
I don't think it's a waste at all, but I do think that Regreet has come up with a fantastic solution to sending cards AND saving the planet and yourself some money. Have you seen how much cards are these days?

Watch the video to see how it works (Christy Eichers, President & Founder, explains it so much better than I could)!

Isn't that amazing? You can repurpose 8 cards with just Regreet Greeting Kit!

Each greeting kit contains:

- Materials to repurpose four greeting cards (4 journey labels, 4 signature labels, 4 sheets of notepaper, 4 envelopes)

- Four hop along kits to ensure each card continues on its journey (4 signature labels, 4 sheets of notepaper, 4 envelopes). Send one of these kits along with a card you regreet so the recipient can keep it going (and you can watch its progress online!)

I've already used almost all of my kit up - we have 12 birthdays in November alone!

And here's a great idea: Once you've received cards for your birthday, anniversary, etc., put them in this amazingly sturdy and beautifully designed Greeting Card Organizer. That way, when March rolls around and it's time to send off birthday greetings to Uncle Joe, you've got a card ready and waiting!  

Just imagine the time, energy, money and stress you'll save by having both of these amazing items in your life!

Life is hard enough without having to rush around to get yet another card for yet another occasion. Use Regreet and save yourself and the planet.

It just makes sense!

Stephanie Dickison

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