Get Hollywood Hair with Rowenta's Amazing Infini Pro Auto Sensor Dryer

I'm embarrassed to tell you this, but we've known one another for awhile now and you won't tell anyone, right?

For the past 2 decades, I have been using hair dryers that were designed in the 70s. They have huge brush attachments that stick out and the air that it produces is so hot that it heats my earrings to such a temperature, that you burn yourself if you touch them.

You can imagine how healthy it is then, for my chemically-processed hair and thin, pink scalp.

I used it because I have crazy hair, and the brush attachment allowed me to control it - at least a little bit.

But they've stopped making them and after this many years and all that damage to my hair, I knew I'd have to get something new.

I comparison shopped for a long, long time and found the cream of the crop - the Rowenta Infini Pro Auto Sensor Dryer.

Just the look and feel of it alone says what professional quality it is. 

It feels so good in the hand and is sleek enough to manage, no matter what style you are creating.

Because my old dryer ran so burning hot, I was thilled to have my hair dry more quickly with warm air! On average, the Infiniti Pro delivers 35% more airflow, resulting in faster drying time (It was also nice not to feel my scalp burning anymore).

And thanks to the ceramic coating, it produces infrared heat, which does not overdry or damage hair (using 1875W of power). And its advanced Ionic system prevents static and frizz, which means my hair looks and feels so much better - healthy, smooth shiny. And that's just with the drying alone!

You can change up your style by simply attaching the diffuser (it evenly distributes heat and allows you to create waves and curls - with no frizzing! - in mere minutes) or the ultra thin concentrator that gives you the straight, sleek hair that you crave.

It's no wonder its the tool of choice for pros.

My hair has never looked or felt better. It gives me red carpet, award-show hair when really, without the dryer, it's more dim-the-lights kind of hair.

What more proof do you need?

Stephanie Dickison

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