Add Beauty & Intrigue to Your Walls With Kindling by James Jean

Many of our friends and neighbours are moving over the next couple of months.

After you've moved the boxes and unwrapped the dishes, the next place you tend to concentrate on are the walls.

If your friends are like mine, and are adventurous and excited by contemporary art, then I've got the perfect gift!

Kindling by James Jean contains 12 large-format removable prints that are ready for framing or can be hung with wire and pegs.

This artwork is like nothing you've seen before, though it might seem a little familiar.  Maybe you're thinking of Jean's award-winning covers for DC and Vertigo Comics or the "large-scale wallpaper drawings for Prada's Epicenter stores were turned into fabric prints and applied onto bags and shoes for their Spring /Summer 2008 collection."

I love the moodiness that he creates with each piece. His paintings have been described as "the worlds of animal, vegetable, mineral, and man merge in haunting dreamscape fantasias."

They are dark, yes, but not depressing. And the use of lines changes - sometimes bold and determined, sometimes soft and sketchy, like in Maze (pictured above).

Each piece has the painting on one side and sketches and preliminary art on the other. What a fantastic gift for an artist or art lover.

It comes in a beautiful portfolio that can be to tote and store drawings and papers

For me, the way you make your house a home is by the way you decorate it and fill it with things that mean something to you.

I'm putting Hare (pictured below) up in the living room. We might not be moving, but I love having artwork up that makes me feel good, that makes me think.

James Jean is one of the most important artists of our time. The worlds and characters he depicts are original, and yes, sometimes disturbing.

But I like art that pushes the edges and evokes a strong feeling.

And do you really want art that just blends into the background, that doesn't say anything?

I know art is subjective and not everyone will love Jean's work as much as I do, but I hope you'll take a look at it because each piece tells a different story and perhaps there will be one that speaks to you.

Stephanie Dickison

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