Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry - Drink It. Wear It. LOVE It!

I can't think of a better necklace than a Smart Glass necklace for me.

After all, what better gift for a food writer than the Murano Necklace (pictured above)?

In the words of Atlanta Designer Kathleen Plate, "Inspired by the artists of Murano, Italy, this necklace combines the best shapes, colors, and textures of our most popular pieces."

It's striking for sure. And really, I don't have anything like it in my collection.

But here's the best part - it's made from food and drink bottles! Kathleen, you're a woman after my own heart.

The aqua part is from a sake bottles, the pine coloured "o" is from a red wine bottle and the clear glass part in the middle? From a salad dressing bottle!! 

And there's no way that Kathleen could know how much I love salad (So much that I have one pretty much everyday. So much so that when I make one at home, our cat Cosmo comes over for a lick of dressing).

What a ingenious idea. 

It's no wonder Aveda came to her for an order and Coca-Cola commissioned her to create a line of jewelry using their signature bottles.

And there's something so satisfying about wearing not only beautiful jewelry, but one with a past. Jewelry that has been shaped and cared for by hand.

Kathleen has a real eye for design and detail. After all, she finishes the Murano with delicate silver strands that add a decidedly modern edge, but with a slight flapper feel. 

I think you just got a new place to do all of your present buying. 

I know I did.

Stephanie Dickison

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