Postertext Is One of the Most Brilliant Ideas - And Gifts - Of All Time

Putting an entire book's print on a poster is sheer genius.

But then to make it art, on top of that?

Stunned and awed is the only way I can describe the way I felt coming across Postertext's website and discovering what they do.

See, books mean the world to me. To quote Thomas Jefferson, "I cannot live without books." (Right on, Tom!) So to be able to hang an entire novel on your wall, with a scene from the book integrated into the work, is one of the greatest gifts you can gift a book lover.

I got Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (pictured above). The image on the satin-finish paper is absolutely gorgeous (the website pic doesn't do it justice), but you'll probably want to frame it in some way. Don't worry. The dimensions aren't all weird, so you'll be able to frame it with ease.

And yes, you can read it. The entire thing. The font is small enough so that the whole book can be printed on one poster, but big enough that you can actually read it, so don't be surprised that at your next dinner party, people are swarmed about your Postertext instead of your capon!
Frankenstein and Dracula are great choices for Halloween. And for the romantic, may I suggest Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre? If you love the classics, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Moby Dick are great choices. Postertext even has the computer lover covered with the Linux Kernel. And for the patriotic folks out there, what better way to show your pride than The Constitution of the United States of America?

But there are tons more. Have a look around. Chances are you'll be able to do a lot of your holiday shopping here in one fell swoop. And if you don't see the title you're looking for, you can make a request! And with new titles being released weekly, just imagine all the people you'll be able to thrill with these awesome, affordable (the same price as getting the book!) gifts.

Postertext is my new favourite place to shop.

Stephanie Dickison

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