OPI's Shrek Collection is Surprisingly Chic

Shrek is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fashionable items.

I was so thrilled by the unique and fresh colours:

- What's with the Cattitude? is a fresh and flirty blue. It's a little deeper than sky and looks fab against tanned skin.

- Fiercely Fiona is a really vintage-y lemony-lime. I like how Mad Men I felt wearing this, but with a definitive modern feel too.

- Who the Shrek are You? is a more avocado-appliances-meets-2010 kind of green. It's edgy and fun.

- Rumple's Wiggin' is the prettiest lavender.  It makes me think of chiffon bridesmaid dresses and hand-iced cupcakes.  Mmm. I couldn't stop wearing it!

- Funky Donkey & Ogre-the-Top Blue are bodacious choices. Your wardrobe will look brand new against these colours.

Stephanie Dickison

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