Simple Shoes' Women's Flippee are Pretty, Earth-Friendly and Damn Comfortable

I know that shops are starting to showcase fall clothing, but people, it's going to be hot for months still!

And just have a quick look down at your plastic flip flops - they're pretty gross, right? I mean, you can't really go out looking like that can you?

That's why you've got to get Simple Shoe's Women's Flippee. These Eco-Certified nubuck sandals (with synthetic nubuck straps) are not only fine looking, but they are sooooo comfortable. The egg carton sole gives your feet a little massage with each step you take , and the you can barely feel the strap between your toes- can you say that about those cheap plastic things you're wearing?

And here's the best part - they are vegan and earth-friendly! There are no animal products or even animal byproducts used. In fact, they are so damn environmentally-sound, that you may end up writing to Simple Shoes and request that they start making items for the rest of your closet and things for around the house!

The foam inserts of the shoe are made of post-consumer recycled paper (take that, tax receipts!), the glue that's used to hold things together is water, not petroleum based, the sole of the shoe is biodegradable (in 20 years, unlike plastic ones that can take 1000 years), as is the bag it comes on and the hanger they hang on.


Pretty, sensible, eco and comfortable. And you thought you couldn't get it all in one pair of shoes!

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Stephanie Dickison

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