My New Favourite Dinner Party Dessert - Kukkii Organic Wisdom Cookies

We went to a friend's for dinner recently and I took Kukkii Organic Wisdom Cookies for dessert.

What a hit!

Not only are they a crunchy, tasty treat, but they become a unique part of the meal.

After our dinner of bocconcini and heirloom tomato salad, grilled salmon steaks and jasmine rice, our host served us homemade peach ice (oh my!) with coconut macaroons and my Kukkii Organic Wisdom Cookies.

There are 2 flavours available - Lemon and Lavender and Orange and Spice. I brought Orange & Spice, which went nicely with the ice cream, and developed in the mouth nicely. First you get a warm sweetness (perhaps the pure maple syrup that's used?) and then a little nip of heat, which makes for a memorable dessert.

You'll guests will be pleased that there are no refined sugars, preservatives or artificial ingredients used. But they'll be completely tickled by the inspirational messages tucked inside the cookies. We all read ours aloud and then talked about how they applied to us or what we thought about the quote. It was like bringing a game to the party, as well as delicious cookies.

Many of us slipped the little pieces of wisdom into our pockets and purses afterward.

A souvenir of the evening and a little knowledge passed along the way.

How wonderful is that?

Email for how to get them near you!

Stephanie Dickison

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