LA Splash Nail Polishes Are a Fashion Necessity!

I don't know how I came to know about LA Splash Cosmetics, but am I glad I did!

I loooove their Nail Polish.

They are everything you want:

- go on easy and even
- comes off without effort
- lasts despite a week of doing dishes, cleaning the house, putting together furniture and other assorted life stuff
- incredibly affordable (which means, you can get a bunch of 'em)

The colours are really vivid, with a hint of creamy sheen. So sexy!

I was wearing one of the Glitter Polishes interviewing a singer, when she picked up my hand and said how much fun she thought it was.

What a compliment!

And here's one of the best parts: Usually with glitter polishes, they are pretty goopy and go on quite uneven and rough. But LA Splash Glitter Polishes are completely smooth. And looong lasting - I wore it for a week without so much as a tiny chip.

If you're looking for fashion forward nail polishes that stand up to the demands of your life, LA Splash is where it's at!

Stephanie Dickison

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