Cards and Postcards from Chronicle Books Make Me Happy

As I have grown older, friends have moved afar.


I understand, but I still miss them. And though we are so lucky in the digital age with email and skype, I still love to send a hand-written (messy, but heartfelt) note.

And I have fallen for the cards and postcards from Chronicle Books! Come have a look:

XOXO Hugs and Kisses Postcard Book by James Jean

This is a fantastic, colourful and memorable collection from this artist.

Thirty sturdy, lusciously illustrated postcards offer "half-forgotten dreamscapes and haunting childhood fantasias."

I like these for sending artist friends and those who appreciate something a little out of the ordinary.

Plus, it's clear to them that it's from me and not their Aunt Pearl, know what I mean?

But I'm not sending them all out. I'll be sure to save a few for myself to frame and have in my office. Nothing like a little art to inspire you throughout the day.

The Cutest Sneeze in the World by Jeffrey Brown

Many of my friends have cats, so this collection is purrfect (sorry - couldn't resist) for sending a quick note of thanks, or "thinking of you."

Also, we have Cosmo, so even if they don't have a cat, no doubt they've come to know our fella.

Jeff Brown of the comic, Cat Getting Out of Bag, has created a collection of 30 different postcards (colour and black-and-white) that are not only bang on for all the cute - and annoying - things that cats do, but they are so damn funny.

The recipient will no doubt appreciate the laughs while finding bills awaiting them as well.

p.s. Oh yeah, I'm keeping a couple of these cuties for myself.

Polaroid Notes: 20 Different Notecards & Envelopes Curated by Jennifer Altman

There has been this real resurgence in photography in the past 10 years and there is a real movement for dreamy, light-filled photos that evoke a simpler, uncluttered time.

Polaroid Notes have that same look to them - gorgeous ethereal glossy photos that look like real Polaroids.

And since Polaroid film is no more, what a wonderful way to continue to love of this lost art form!

Closeups of balloons, flowers, breakfast, trees, shoes, an airplane wing, and other wonders of our world are not only wonderful ways to express your thoughts, but frame-worthy too.

(Sigh. Yes, I'll be holding onto a couple to frame to put up in the apartment. You just want to share them with the world. You'll see).

Oh, you'll want to keep the box too.

These collections make me happy. And I try to pass that along to others by sending these out into the world.

I hope it works.

Stephanie Dickison

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