Be Fashionable and Savvy With Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry

My Mom has beautiful hair.

So beautiful that she gets stopped on the street, running for a bus or in the doctor's office.

Apparently when I was a baby, I would not stop tugging at it, so she cut it short. And kept it that way (probably mostly out of habit) until just a few years ago.

So I can see why my friend who is pregnant might want to switch from her Tiffany bracelet to Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry.

Made from the same material as most teething toys, their pendants and bangles are safe for babies to chew on (products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free) and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure.

Those without kids might scoff and say that kids should be taught not to chew on their mother's jewelry and what kind of child does that?!

Just yesterday I saw a kid almost pull her Mom's earring off - with almost part of her ear with it.

And no one's saying that you have replace your jewelry forever. Maybe just during the teething stage is all...

I like the simple design of the pendants (solids and patterns) and their coordinating bangles - gift sets are also available.

Thinking about the classic styles my friend favours, I chose Jade, which looks straight from the Far East and will go with everything.

Finally, a baby gift for both Mom and child, and one that you know will get used.

And no need to cut your hair short!

Stephanie Dickison

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