Stock Up On Art by Labokoff - Fine Art Prints of Gorgeous Photos

I know that art is subjective.

But I have a feeling that you are going to swoon over the moody beauty of the art prints of Rivory Fabienne at Art by Labokoff just as I did.

There is a stillness and fragility to her scenes, but also great beauty and grace.

She categorizes them for your shopping pleasure by colour and subject - Red Pink Mauve, Neutral Shades, Blue and Skies, Pole Series, Seashore, Bursts of Yellow, A Little Green, White Series and Original Artwork - so now you have no excuse for not being able to find anything to match your magenta guest bathroom!

I can tell you what's going to happen, though.

You're going to buy a bunch of these for presents (they make a wonderful, thoughtful gift, don't they) and then they're going to arrive and you're going to frame them and put 'em up in your own place, because you can't possibly bear to let them go.

I know, because that's precisely what happened to me.

Just look at Abricotier (pictured above) It's a print of an original photograph combined with painting, printed on Hahnemuhle velvet fine art stock using archival pigment ink and signed on the back.

Tell me that you can just give it away.

Nu uh.

Isn't going to happen.

That's why you've got to buy at least TWO OF EVERYTHING here at Art by Labokoff!

I like the quiet sparseness of Pole Rose and the depth and darkness of Pole Prune. And
Pole Orange is so evocative, I think I'm remembering childhood vacations I never took.

I told you these were good.

Buy 'em up, folks, because art like this is worth waay more than you're being charged for and you're going to need at least one for every room.

Ahh, make that two...

Stephanie Dickison

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