Vemayca Cosmetic Bags Solve All Your Makeup Bag Woes

How many times have you had this happen:

You buy a really beautiful cosmetic bag. You just love it. You love seeing it in your purse, putting it in your carry-on, pulling out your lipstick.

But your liquid foundation bottle cracks and your makeup leaks all over the bag. There's no getting that stuff out.

Or it's covered in a thin film of bronzer dust or marks from your eyeliners and lipglosses. No matter how many times or how carefully you wash it, there's no saving your bag.

So you give up on beautiful bags and start buying ugly cheap ones at the dollar store, because you're not going to waste your money. You're not going through all that again.

Well, now you can have a beautiful bag that you can keep for as long as you want, thanks to Vemayca Cosmetic Bags.

See, the beauty of these bags is that they come with a removable soft pearl liner. As soon as the inside starts to get grubby, put a clean one in. That way, you get the bag of your dreams and you can house your cosmetics without worrying anymore!

And there's much to love about this bag, besides the amazing, innovative feature of the removable liner. First of all, it's one of the biggest cosmetics bags without being a trunk or case, so you can finally carry all of what you need without crowding everything. I love that there are 2 generous side pockets with zippers and all of the zippers have big metal "o"s that make it super easy to open and close (just think how much you'll appreciate it at places like airport security or those nights after you've had one too many margaritas!

One feature that you might not think of is the flat bottom (for once, ladies, this is a GOOD thing!). It allows you to keep the bag upright so you can apply and reapply your makeup with ease and hands-free. So talk on your cell while you do a quick touch up - this bag will keep up with you.

And of course we've got to talk about how it feels. Veronica M. Mayo, Founder, has selected a soft, velvety fabric that makes it so enjoyable to touch and use. It comes in 2 colours - black and red.

Of course you can use it for more than just makeup. But with a system this brilliant, it's hard not to load it full of your essential cosmetics.

Soooo, maybe you should get two. One colour for your makeup, the other for cellphone, keys etc...

Now that's organized!

Stephanie Dickison

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