You're Going to Love Red Letter Studio's Unique Stationery

Red Letter Studio is an exclusive boutique design studio based in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in unique stationery and invites.

Lucky for us, they are on the user-friendly site Etsy and ship internationally.

Red Letter Studio is the creation of Samone. She says:

"I love design and illustration, and creating little things of paper that make people smile is really addictive. Cards, invites, custom stationery, anything cute and colourful grabs my attention and I hope to share this with you through Red Letter Studio. All my projects are hand-made and designed by me in my little studio, which means each item is unique and individual.

Custom projects are my fave, like event stationery and invites - convo me if you have a special event or a project coming up, and I will do my best to take what you have in mind and create it!"

Isn't it wonderful when someone's clearly doing not only what they love, but what they are good at? Just look at the detailing - the hewn edging, the hand-stitched borders, hand-crafted additions and beautiful stamped images on the envelopes. How amazing is that?!

I love Samone's Blue Wren Native Aussie Bird Card. The plump feathers in rich blues and browns is so lovely. Wouldn't this be a great Father's Day card this Sunday? That is, if you can keep yourself from framing it for yourself...

And I can't wait to send on the Cardamon Bird Card! So pretty and feminine, don't you think? I know a ton of people that would love this card (maybe you should get the Birdie Birds Card Set, just to be safe...)

Speaking of card sets, the Travels Card Set is a great way to express your sentiments. The Sailing Card reminds me of the famous woodblock print, "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" by the Japanese artist Hokusai. Which we just happen to have a print of in our living room...

And in the spirit of warm, summer weather, you've got to get yourself the Lickity Notepad! To me, there is no better way to compile your shopping list.

Red Letter Studio makes handcrafted items with great care, style and heart.

Aren't those the kinds of cards you want to send? Isn't that the kind of small business that you'd like to support?

Shop now!

Stephanie Dickison

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