Take It Up A Notch With Normal Watches!

You've gotta get yourself some Normal Watches.

First of all, they come in the dopest colours and designs.

Secondly, you can get a whole whack of them at these insanely low prices!

And thirdly, you can finally have a watch that is as cool as you are:

Hello Superstar is just about the friendliest, most complimentary watch you could own. I mean, who doesn't love being called a superstar all day long?

And Facebook Ruined My Life is perfect for their social networking clogging times.

If you're a Ferris Bueller fan, you're going to want the Bueller - Weak Get Pinched Watch, complete with animal print wristband. Rwar!

OMG, the Fast Food Monster is hilarious... and a little scary. But so is fast food, so there!

Ooh, the 4:20 is seemingly plain and reserved - little did you know that it's all about leaf, buds, reefer, etc.!

Normal Watches rock the joint!


I mean, rock the house.

Get a bunch for you and your friends now.

Stephanie Dickison

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