Never Forget Anything Ever Again With AquaNotes Waterproof Notepads

I know you're all about your iPad and you tweet like crazy, but you can't take your technology into the shower with you.

Not yet, anyway.

So in the meantime, you're going to want to have AquaNotes Waterproof Notepads in your bathroom.

I know you. You've got so many things going on, there's no way to keep it all straight in your head. You're brushing your teeth and thinking about the perfect opening for your meeting today. You'll be in the shower and all of a sudden that it's Aunt Heather's birthday this week and if you don't go and get a card today and send it this afternoon, it will never make it there on time.

I know, because all day long I have these things go through my head. And not always while I'm at my desk where my laptop and pads and pens handily reside. Or while I've got my smartphone ready to take down all my latest lists and ideas.

So, while you're in the shower, thinking about all that you've got to do, you won't believe how freakin' handy AquaNotes Waterproof Notepads come in handy.

Suction cups on both the notepad and pencil keep it secure and the waterproof paper captures your idea before it's too late and while the water is still whooshing over your head! And each 3.5 by 5.25 inch pad has 40 sheets of paper, with each sheet is perforated for easy removal.

My favourite feature, other than saving me from having struggle to remember everything, is that the waterproof paper is "totally recyclable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Each pencil is water resistant and is made with Incense Cedar wood, a responsibly harvested renewable resource meeting stringent environmental requirements. Even the ink used to print the logo and company information on the notepad is soy based.

So write down your ideas, thoughts and if you're like me, lists, and get it all outta your head.

And for once you'll be able to get out of the shower feeling ahead of schedule.


p.s. This would be a great gift for Dad this Father's Day.

Stephanie Dickison

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