Look Even More Voluptuous with The OverBra

Now that the little summer dresses are coming out, isn't time that you uh, flaunted what you've got?

Not in a trashy, vulgar fashion, of course. Just add a little oomph to your outfits.

See, with The OverBra gives you the cleavage you've always wanted. Everything gets pushed together and up - thank goodness comfortably - and you get the nicest decolletage.

The Original OverBra gives you a great looking chest while simultaneously smoothing and flattening any bulges and bumps that your "regular" bra usually gives you. And though it kind of looks like a detective's gun halter and you might think it's bulky, it's surprisingly innocuous. I forgot I was wearing it at various points throughout the day.

I wore The OverBra Smoothing Body-Shaper Slip available from BareNeccesities.com out to a fancy dinner with my fella last week and love how with the BreezyMesh comfort fabric kept me feeling cool all evening. And because the slip smoothed and flattened everything, my stomach was a little trimmer and my waistline a teeny bit smaller! All of this in addition to my chest looking Tony Award Winning! And I think the fact that we sat in a tiny booth eating for 2 1/2 hours and I was comfortable the entire time (and did I mention lookin' fine?!) is a real testament to how the slip is constructed. I mean, have you ever worn any type of body shaper and been comfortable?

Both OverBras are available in Nude and Black.

Check out the entire line and make this the summer you get noticed!

Stephanie Dickison

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