Discover Ellis Faas Makeup, Applied with Pen!

You've got to admit, it's a pretty cool concept.

Ellis Faas based her whole cosmetics collection, Human Colours, on the colours that exist in every human body. So you get this vibrant look that is dramatic without being garish.

All of the creamy liquid makeup goes on well, gives good coverage and stays put. Which means it will last as long as your day does, which these days is well after the rest of the office has gone home. And applying it with the cool bullet-like pens is how a modern girl should put her face on in the morning, don't you think?

Concealer goes on with ease, thanks to the pen applicator. And it not only covers my extremely dark circles (restless sleep last night) but it blends it with the rest of my makeup - something I have never been able to accomplish up until now, despite trying different makes and shades.

Those awful light, yellowish circles that usually occur? No more, my friends!

If you've got dark circles or blemishes, you'll want to cover them up with this. Thanks to a unique blend of ingredients such as Karité oil and rice wax, you won't believe how even and polished you look. It's really something.

Get your shade here.

Usually, eyeshadow kinds of melts away and disappears on me. I can apply it in as many layers as time will allow, but usually it ends up looking all light and ethereal no matter what I do.

Not Ellis Faas Eye Shadows. There are Creamy & Milky Eye Shadows to choose from. And these liquid lovelies go on like you wouldn't believe.

I tried Creamy 103.

The vivid colour goes on, dries ever so quickly, stays on and there's no crease or slippage. Maybe because it transforms from liquid to powder, without any powdery residue (contact lens wearers, rejoice!). There is this velvety look and feel that you will love and crave from all your other powder shadows in their little round containers.

My eyes pop and my makeup stays right where it is.


And you've got the try Ellis Lips. There are 3 textures to choose from - Creamy, Milky and Glazed - and 27 colours available, so you'll never get bored of your look.

I rocked Milky 201 which is Ellis Red, their signature colour (available in all 3 textures). This blood red look can be a slight blush on your lips is you apply a barely-there bit, or if you want a True Blood kind of look, put on a regular layer. It's pretty fascinating how the emollient oils not only make your lips fuller, but uh, jucier.

And of course, applying it with the brush applicator is fantastic. You'll look like Scarlett Johansson in no time.

Ellis Faas is one of those completely unique lines that once you try, you simply cannot live without.

Stock up now.

Stephanie Dickison

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