Annabell Cosmetics NEW Zebra Bronzing Pressed Powder is a Year Round Essential!

I want that sun-kissed glow this summer but not the cancer-ridden way, thankyouverymuch!

That's why I am loving Annabelle Cosmetics NEW Zebra Bronzing Pressed Powder - Haute Gold. You get that golden look without any of the harmful side effects of tanning.

When you swipe your Annabelle A-13 Makeup Pro Powder Brush over your bronzing powder, you get a subtle, natural look without any brick-coloured stripes across your face that we've all seen before. That's due to the different coloured stripes in your powder, so it'll look pretty in your compact and give you a light, luminous tanned look.

Just brush on your cheeks, follow the hairline on your forehead and then give a light daub to your nose bone and chin - you'll look like you just got back from a week in Belize!

And don't think that you're only going to want to use this during these warm months! I think it's essential between September to April as well, when summer tans fade and all you're left with is a pale complexion. I know vampires are all the rage right now, but I certainly don't want to look like one.

Keep Zebra Bronzing Pressed Powder - Haute Gold at the ready. It's the one thing (besides vitamins) that is going to keep you looking healthy this year!

Stephanie Dickison

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