Track the History of Your Customized Ecosystem Journal

In interviewing many authors about their memoirs on my show, Portraits on Paper, a part of the In Other Words Radio Program on CKLN 88.1 FM, I have learned the importance of keeping a journal or writing down your thoughts in some form, however random and ragged.

These are how stories are kept and then shared, how experiences are passed down and around. and how, I believe, lives become changed.

The lovely Ecosystem journals are unique in that they are not just made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, but were "designed to empower environmentally aware product owners, be they recycling gurus or new to the process. Each item has a unique book ID number, which may be used here to track a book's origins, learn how they are environmentally-friendly, and to find out exactly how to recycle each book."

My journal - HS10868RL - as you'll see, has a rich and awesome history. Isn't it wonderful to know where your belongings come from?!

And if you register your journals online, you can find out where it is, should it ever be lost.

And as I've said again and again, I think it's important to have sumptuous notebooks to write in. And with Ecosystem Journals, you can completely customize it to your style and needs: Choose a style - Artist, Advisor, Author or Architect, then choose a cover, size and colour. Voila - you get a notebook that is completely yours and yours alone.

Isn't that what you've always wanted?

I, of course, got the Author version.

I chose a small Lagoon hardcover that is perfect for tucking away in my bag. The hardcover and wonderfully useful elastic band keep the pages from getting crumpled (because let's face it, anything can happen in this bag o' mine...), but the cover is still soft to the touch, which I love. Sometimes you just want to smooth your hand over it while you're thinking or talking with someone.

There is a sweet little pocket at the back that I can stash receipts or clippings in - just what I needed.

And the lines paper is thick and rich - it makes me want to write for hours (which is a good thing, don't you think?). And I can, because there are 192 pages to fill. Just enough to capture everything.

Simply put, they are the perfect gift.

So get them here and write it all down while you can.

Stephanie Dickison

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