Give Mom a Much Needed Rest with Pearl Ice & Pearl Eyes by Inka

Even though today is Sunday and you haven't had to work, aren't you tired?

Maybe it's the dull, rainy weather or the fact that your week's now seem to be jampacked more than ever.

So whether you're a Mom or not, I say take it easy today. You deserve it.

One fantastic way to unwind is with Pearl Ice by Inka. That's right, Model Inka. She knows whereof she speaks.

This amazing mask is designed to keep puffy eyes and dark circles at bay. It can also help relieve a tension headache or hangover, among other things, so really, you'll be so glad to have it on hand... because you're going to need it!

It is completely unlike any mask you've tried thus far, thanks to the chilled pearls that conforms to your eyelids and distributes the weight evenly. The allergy-free plastic is surprisingly soft, so it is comfortable enough for you to lie back and rest awhile. Whatever you're thinking/worrying about can wait.

There are different sizes available - travel, regular and full size - and you can keep it stored in the freezer without worrying about it breaking. It is always there when you need it.

Just like Mom.

And to keep the pampering going with Pearl Eyes Swiss Glacial Gel. The tiny balls massage the gel into your skin, cooling and moisturizing on contact. It feels incredible - like a cool bath for your skin. And of course, that skin under your eyes tightens right up and all of a sudden, you are looking years younger and for once, completed rested.

Now that's a Mother's Day present!

Get both here.

Stephanie Dickison

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