Insaini LED Lighting Solutions Just Make Sense

Specializing in energy efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting products and LED lighting design solutions, Insaini's light bulbs are certified by RoHS to be free of hazardous materials.

By making the switch to Insaini bulbs, you get a light that runs very little energy while putting out a bright light that transforms your space.

Take a look at their awesome Cabinet Puck lights (pictured above). They are comparable in cost to traditional halogen puck lights but they conserve a lot more energy.

The large LED light bulbs are 5-watt units for your standard PAR20 fixtures - those with the standard screw in base.

Insaini has got a LED light bulb for all of your needs - ceiling, replacements for your halogens, replacements for your incandescents and even coloured ones that are great for Christmas time, consuming only 12V each.

And while LED bulbs are somewhat costlier than their halogen counterparts, they more than make up for it in the long run, as President Jesse Badwal says, "as they last considerably longer and produce far less saving on maintenance costs as well as associated heating costs."

We made the switch here at home and it made a difference in the quality of light (who knew we were living in dull light up until now?), our energy bills (woo woo!) and we haven't had to change a bulb yet.

Insaini LED lighting - make the switch and see how beautiful your home and office can truly be.

Stephanie Dickison

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