Defend Your Skin with SAMPAR's Urban Express Mousse

Your dream: Healthy, luminous, toned, balanced, moisturized and nourished skin.

Your reality: Your skin in constantly exposed to pollution and toxins, causing irreversible damage such as DNA breakdown and cellular decease. Your skin is now inflamed, red and easily irritated. Your pores are clogged and your skin is dull and dry.

Don't worry - there is hope!

SAMPAR Paris' Urban Express Mousse is here to help.

This antioxidant shield gets rid of redness and neutralizes toxins and free radicals. It reactivated your vital cellular energy using geranium essential oil.

This light, easy-to-use pump mousse is bursting with shea, mint and sweet probiotic extracts that gives you skin a radiant glow and regenerates your skin to a whole other level.

Simply apply in the morning and evening on wet skin and rinse thoroughly.

Not only will you enjoy the immediate effects of this lovely products, but thanks to the rose and geranium scent, it will relax you as well.

Which, let's face it, is exactly what you need these days. That and a fresh, beautiful face to greet the day with.

Find out where to get SAMPAR Urban Express near you, and get the dream skin you've always wanted.

Stephanie Dickison

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