Play Tennis in Style This Season with LaCorte Bags!

Friends of mine have been taking up new hobbies like crazy: Cindy is taking golf lessons, Paul's off to tai chi on Saturdays and Allana's doing a film class in the evenings at a local university.

Tennis is a fun sport that also happens to be great exercise. It doesn't muss up your hair like swimming does, you get to be outside in the warmth and sun, and let's face it, there is just as much a "tennis body" as there is a bike, runner or swimmer's body.

But there's something doofus-y about carrying around your racquet on its own. It's not big enough to warrant acclaim like a hockey stick, and it's too big and awkward to fit into your bag.

Not any more.

The amazing LaCorte Bags will have you signing up for tennis lessons just so that you can tote their bags!

Not only do the LaCorte Bags give you a place to securely stow your racquet, they have been made to fit a woman's body. Which is nice, because remember that big awful men's gym bag that you toted around for awhile? How embarrassing...

The other feature that you're going to love is the look and feel of the bag. Sumptuous top grain leathers, rich canvas and crafted hardware give this ultra sturdy bag a swank look - and that's just the outside. Inside is a beautiful bright and cheerful patterned print that offers big pockets and sections for all of your belongings and necessities, along with a leather-edges zippered pocket for all your valuables.

There are 3 stylish collections to choose from, Belvedere, Sonoma and Marina.

I got the Sonoma Noir/Blanc, which gives a nod to both the past and present in its design. I love the striking quality of black on white (it also comes in just blanc and just noir) and that there is lots of room in there for more than just your racquet** (phew!).

And in case you think this is just a pretty bag, I assure you it is not. Jill LaCorte designed them because she found that she could not suitably carry her racquet in a 'regular' bag and as a competitive league player and a sectional finalist in 2005, she needed something to not only keep up with her game, but look good too.

Smart lady.

Be a smart lady yourself and get a phenomenal bag at LaCorte.

Game on!

**note: the Sonoma Bag does not fit oversized racquets.

Stephanie Dickison

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