Discover Zoka Coffee and Change Your Day, Your Life!

Stop drinking that awful no-name sludge and get yourself some Zoka Coffee.

This right here will change not only your mornings, but your entire day!

Columbia Villa Rica Cup of Excellence Coffee is a fascinating blend of jasmine, mango and dark chocolate mace. Take that, grocery store coffee! It is rich and bold without being at all acidic. Which means, you can enjoy it without any stomach burn or other side effects that you might associate with a strong cuppa.

And because it is only roasted on Mondays, your products will shop the first Monday following your date order, so that you are sure to get the freshest cup possible. How amazing is that?!

Mmm. The Organic Sumatra Putra Rimbun is amazing. Fruity and hearty, it is one of those coffees that will have you going back for seconds, and possibly thirds. I like it first thing in the morning, as well as after dinner.

Oh, Tangletown. Ye with the cool name and fantastic flavour profile of sweet and floral. You are what gets me up in the morn and what I crave right before bed. Thank goodness you have a Decaf version as well!

And you've got to try the Fair Trade Organic Zoka Java Blend. But it comes with a warning - it is completely addictive. We served this when friends came over and now they won't stop visiting! We suspect it's only for the coffee, but can we blame them?

Zoka Coffee ROCKS! And at these affordable prices, you can get a whole whack of them. Or join their Coffee Club and never run out again!

Stephanie Dickison

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