3 Quick Beauty Fixes to Start Your Weekend Off Right with Footminders, Skinn & Living Proof!

Have you been running around just barely keeping up with all your work and life stuff?

Everyone I know is crazybusy and barely has time to eat and shower. That's why you need these quick fixes. They only take a second to use, but boy, do they make a difference!

**Footminders Catwalk**

I bet that you have at least a couple pairs of heels that you absolutely love but are killer to wear - you only pull them out if you are absolutely certain that you'll be walking only the shortest of distances.

Well ladies, now you can wear them all the time, thanks to Footminders Catwalk.

These "fashion shoe orthotics" redistribute your body weight so that instead of searing pain in the ball of your foot (you know what I'm talkin' about), achy legs and calluses and corns, your feet are cushioned and comforted.

Made by European Podiatrists, these are the real deal. You simply adhere them to the inside of your sandals, heels or boots and voila - enjoy the arch support and extra cushioning that they provide, made with an anti-odor and breathable material keeping your feet cool and dry.

It's just about spring time. Time to pull out those outrageously high heels that you could never wear before.

In fact, it's time to take 'em out dancing, now that you've got Footminders Catwalk in place!

**Skinn Youth Veil Airbrush FX**

This deceptively simple looking yellow powder is actually a transformation tool.

With a few quick swooshes of powder on your brush, Skinn Youth Veil Airbrush FX lifts your cheekbones, takes away all of that junk under your eyes, removes the redness from your skintone and replaces it with a blast of radiance!


I was skeptical at first too, but I have not so much a redness issue, but a pinkish hue that has followed me around for decades. It's what makes people think I'm Scandinavian, I think. Anyway, I've been able to mask it occasionally with heavy liquid foundations, but usually I'm as pink as a flamingo.

Youth Veil completely removed it, leaving me with the peachy skin of say, Charlize Theron (if only it would give me her nose too...). And somehow, it's given my face a whole new shape - it looks like it's plumped up my skin (in a good way, not in a Bridget-Jones-manner). And thanks to containing soothing and calming botanicals, it not only makes you look good, but works at keeping the effects of aging at bay.

This amazing talc-free powder is micro-milled to "re-create the soft, smooth, pore-free look of a professional airbrush machine."

For once, I am totally ready for my close-up.

**Living Proof Hair Products**

What do you want your hair to do? I know you don't like it's current state.

No one does. That's why we need products to change it for us.

Do you want to do straight or curly or both? 'Cause either way Living Proof has got you covered!

Start with their No Frizz Shampoo and No Frizz Conditioner. They stop your frizzy hair from happening (by blocking humidity without weighing hair down) and leave you with smooth locks for once. You don't even have to wash your hair as often because your newly shiny, healthy hair will feel cleaner longer. Sigh. A dream come true, really.

I have naturally wavy, curly hair, so on the days I want to rock that look (everyone always says how much they like when I have it this way) I use No Frizz Wave, Curl Styling Cream. It is made for medium to thick curly hair, which totally describes my mane. Normally, my hair when it's curly looks like a Garfunkled mess, but with this stuff, my hair gives off a laid-back Vanessa Hudgens vibe. Sweet.

And like most women, I prefer my hair to be straight. Pin straight, if I can get it (maybe once a year this happens, on a day where I'm at home working to deadline and no one gets to see its rare perfection). That's why I can't get enough of No Frizz Straight Styling Spray. This quick and easy spray is light and non-sticky (how do they do that?), yet gives me that sleek look that I crave.

With this whole line, you can count on the products not only giving you fantastic Hollywood hair, but you are finally protected against frizz, they smell amazing, work quickly (because you do have other things to do besides your hair) and you can most certainly use these products safely on coloured hair.

Good thing, since I'm rocking platinum now.

Stephanie Dickison

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