Get in the Valentine's Mood with Biehl Perfumes

No pressure or anything, but it's only 10 days to Valentine's Day.

Do you know what you're doing yet?

Even if you have plans to do nothing but sit at home and try and figure out the new Lost, you should do something nice for yourself.

Like indulge yourself with Biehl Parfumkunstwerke (perfume artworks).

What makes Biehl unique is that it's aim is "to create a free space for perfume artists who can present their extraordinary creations to an audience without having to take market research, marketing, and maximal margins into consideration."

These perfumers bringing their individual personality, style and talent to the bottle, bringing you scents that are as individual as you are!

Check out the incredible collection:

Henning Biehl created hbo1, a soft and delicate fragrance that pops with vitality. Black currant and bergamot tumble with floral notes - rose, ylang, etc - and woodsy finishes to evoke a clean scent that is absolutely fascinating.

Egon Oelkers has come up with 3 intriguing scents - eo01, eo02 and eo03. And they are all completely different from one another:

eo01 is so damn sexy and warm. It evokes dark, well worn wood and high ceilings. Opulence with solid footing. Put this one aside for date nights... eo02 is tropical (but not cloyingly sweet) and masculine - like a softly blended cologne that has the personality of a perfume. Absolutely stunning. eo03 is a lot of things at once - powdery and floral, fresh and clean. It warms and evolves like a summer night. Ahhh.

Also creating 3 perfumes is Mark Buxton.

mb01 is one of those fragrances that lures you in with its delicate nature. You just won't be able to get enough of this one. mb02's personality makes itself known right away - clean and green - but then it softens into a warm woodsy scent that is familiar somehow. Perhaps a lost summer during youth with long grass and forgotten dreams... mb03's bouquet brings about images of dark green forest, saunas and cabins in the snow. It's like a vacation in a bottle.

The 2 fragrances developed by Arturetto Landi are completely different colours - one dark rose and the other, a pale yellow.
a101 is a complex blend that is sensual and invigorating all at once. There is basil, orchid and vetiver, to mention just a few alluring ingredients. And that is how I'd describe the scent - completely and utterly alluring. a102 announces itself with a spicy entrance. It is unusual and beguiling. It's confident and passes that onto you. How cool is that?

Geza Schoen was born to create perfumes. By the time he was 13, he could already distinguish more than 100 fragrances from each other.

gs01 is like nothing I've ever experienced before. Maybe it's because of the unusual ingredients that include dewdrop green, green lime, carrot seeds, basil, pink pepper, bay leaf and basmati. It's unbelievably enthralling. gs02 is challenging to describe as well. Perhaps it is best summed up by the company's description - "Charisma. Determination. Arrogance can be erotic after all."

The only lady of the bunch, Patricia Choux, has created 2 fanciful scents.

pc01 is an imaginative mix of mango, florals and musk with a almost peppery finish - incredibly exciting. And pc02 smells of cotton candy and sun-soaked skin - delicious!

If you want a scent that is completely original and enthralling, you've got to get yourself Biehl Perfume Creations!

Stephanie Dickison

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