Winterfy Your Skin with Duchess Marden Luxurious Skin Care!

It seems like we've never had such a frost-bitten, windy, chilly winter like this.

That's why you've really got to protect your skin.

And what better way than Duchess Marden?

Using pure rose flower water and other natural ingredients, these products transform your skin's feel and look. There are also no petrochemicals, parabens, chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients, so your skin is getting the nutrients it needs without any of the bad stuff interfering.

The other bonus of using Duchess Marden is that all of the products smell incredible! What a luxury to be surrounding by the fresh scent of roses all day long!

To get rid of my rough winter skin, the Enzyme Exfoliant is fantastic. I love that it leaves my skin shiny and smooth (thanks to pumpkin enzymes and jojoba beads) without scratching my face at all. It's not drying or irritating, which I as a sensitive skin girl appreciate. And this is one of the few exfoliators that reduces the appearance of aging. I mean, you haven't even applied your moisturizer yet, and it's already working on making you look younger!

The Creme Cleanser gets off all of my waterproof, ultra-resistant makeup without any effort, and all the while doesn't dry out my skin like many cleansers on the market. It actually calms and soothes my skin while regenerating damaged tissue and stimulates collagen rebuilding to protectyour skin's elasticity. So it cleanses your skin and builds it back up. That to me, is freakin' amazing!

And for keeping your skin feeling and looking hydrated and supple, you've got to try Duchess Marden's Damascena Face Creme. It uses mushroom extracts to fade any discolorations, which if you've spent anytime outdoors, you're bound to have a sunspot or two. Using organic shea butter and apricot oil, your skin is instantly dewy and youthful. Improving your own cellular metabolism, this cream works to give you the skin you've always wanted.

I told you it was good!

And there are a ton of other products available as well.

Stock up with Duchess Marden and get amazing looking skin all the while reveling in the scent of fresh roses.


Stephanie Dickison

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