Make the Switch to Mineral Makeup with UltraPure Cosmetics!

I have to admit I was nervous.

I am a no talent when it comes to makeup application - I just put it on and hope for the best. But thanks to the great quality of products and easy-to-follow instructions, I'm happy to say that the conversion to mineral makeup has been easy, thanks to UltraPure Cosmetics!

The Foundation was the most intimidating for me, but using the Flawless Finish Foundation was easy - just dip your brush in, twirl in and apply in small circles on your face. It's amazing how effortless it is. And I love that there's colours in there for everyone.

I was really wowed by the Setting Powders. Applies just the same as the foundation, it instantly gives you this effervescent glow that belies any imperfections!

Having grown up using liquid foundations and makeup, it seems like it takes a big leap of faith to use mineral makeup, but having switched the soy milk years ago, it's kind of the same thing - it's just slightly different but the look you get is the same. Maybe even better...

The Cream-to-Powder Concealers are neat because you can get different ones for different needs. I got the Quick Fix for my everyday dark circles, bags, etc, and the Brighten Up for those days where I need a little added oomph under there.


The FX Eyeshadows can be used wet or dry, which makes them awfully versatile and their Lipsticks are rich and lush - perfect for the season!

I am so happy to have made the switch to mineral makeup. I wish I hadn't waited so long. There was really nothing to it at all.

But that's because UltraPure is easy to use and looks great on!

Stephanie Dickison

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