Green Your Life With New Wave Enviro, Atayne and Paqit!

Each and every day you can take a step towards purchasing products that are not only good for us, but the environment.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

**New Wave Enviro Bottles**

Check out this amazing bottle - it packs a walloping 40 oz. so you never have to be dehydrated again, it's made out of Seriously Safe stainless steel so not only is it tough enough to tag along with you to the office or alongside a mount, but it's safe to drink out of (unlike those plastic ones your colleagues are sipping from).

And in case you're a little more delicate than those who gulp straight from the container, you can get a pop-up sports cap or a screw-in cap.

Browse through New Wave Enviro Products' whole catalogue and get yourself suited up with safe, eco products that will change your life - and the planet's.

**Atayne Recylced Clothing**

You've gotta love a performance tee that is:

- moisture wicking
- odor controlling
- temperature regulating
- made out of 100% recycled material (post consumer plastic bottles)

That's why I can't get enough of my Women's Running Grind T!

It also comes with raglan sleeves and anti-chafe flatlock construction (ahh, so comfortable),contrast stitching (for great visual effect) and it's made in Canada (woo woo!).
Atayne is a company that you can really get behind - every detail is in line with their philosophy, even down to the smallest things. Plant the tag on your shirt and be rewarded with wildflowers! They encourage you to wash your shirt while you're in the shower and then hang it to dry. How awesome is that?

There are clothes for both men and women here, so go shopping (guilt-free!)and get yourself cool gear that feels good - both inside and outside.

**Paqit Towelettes**

These biodegradable towelettes are made with organic ingredients, so you can stay fresh and clean wherever you are without further causing the earth harm.

There are no synthetic colors, detergents, perfumes or petroleum-based products here, so you won't harm yourself using them either.

Whether your working out, coming in from run or just finished a huge plate of chicken wings, you're going to love the ease and use - and peace of mind - of these towelettes.

There are 3 invigorating scents to choose from - Bergamot, Yuzu and Bergamot + Yuzu - and 3 sizes to suit your pocketbook and lifestyle.

Life can be messy. Clean it up as you go with paqits!


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