Get Yourself in Shape For the New Year with Hot Guys & Baby Animals, Sportline & Clickfree!

It's not too late to get in shape for the new year - whether that means getting organized, exercising more or backing up your documents for once and for all.

Here are some fun, easy and fantastic ways to do it:

**Hot Guys & Baby Animals 2010 Calendar**

If you haven't got yourself a wall calendar yet, this is the one to buy. Not only does it have thick pages and big blocks in which track your appointments and projects, it's damn, damn cute. Hot guys and baby animals? Genius!

And what's even better is that many of the animals in the calendar are rescues and most are still looking for homes, so you can actually bring one of these cuties home. And a portion of proceeds go to benefit nonprofit rescues, so the incredibly affordable price of $12.99 (+ P&P) means that you're supporting these little guys as well.

And in case that's not enough to sway you, it's printed with soy-based inks on 30% post-consumer recycled paper.

Really, can any other calendar compete with all of that?

Get a bunch and give 'em out as presents this year. Your girlfriends will be forever grateful!

**Sportline Pedometers**

I used to wear a pedometer in a job where I walked a lot. Seeing the actual distance I was traveling always made me want to push for more, even if I was already tired and just wanted to go home and put my feet up.

It's not just me - pedometers are a great way to motivate yourself and reach exercise goals.

And I'm loving the Qlip and TraQ Any-Wear Pedometers from Sportline.

The Qlip clips anywhere on your body and accurately tracks your steps and the distance you cover. It also tells you how many calories you've burned (so you can have that piece of cake and know how far you've got to go to burn it off!) and the speed in which you go.

The TraQ does everything the Qlip does, but remembers you're 7-day total workout, so you can set and track personal daily and weekly goals.

What's truly amazing is that it will get you walking farther. And all at the press of a button.

**Clickfree Transformer SE (Special Edition)**

I wrote about Clickfree earlier in the year, and they just keeping come out with fantastic products, so I couldn't wait to tell you about this one!

The Clickfree Transformer SE turns any USB hard drive, iPod, or iPhone into a simple automatic backup solution for your computer. Just connect the Transformer SE to your computer, then connect the USB hard drive, or iPod/iPhone via USB into the Transformer SE. Your backup will start automatically onto the available free space of the connected product, whether it is a 3rd party hard drive, or an iPod/iPhone.

This means that whatever hard drive you're using, turns into its own independent backup. That means that you can't use the excuse of it being too hard or not knowing the tech language in order to backup - Clickfree has done all of the hard work for you!

You simply must backup your stuff. Your life is on your computer, isn't it? That's why you've got to get yourself the Clickfree Transformer SE!

Stephanie Dickison

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