Fight Off the Cold with Sprayology and Little Hotties!

It was -14 yesterday. I can't believe how cold it is, how sick everyone is and how tomorrow is February already.

These oughtta help:


These homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays are a great way to start to feel better. See, it turns out that "vitamins and other nutrients sprayed into the mouth and under the tongue are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream than the same substances ingested into the stomach. This process bypasses the digestive tract and stomach, avoiding the standard metabolic process that often reduces the restorative properties of tablets, liquids and capsules."

There are a bunch to choose from. You'll want to get the Cold + Flu Relief one, in order to keep going this winter. I mean, isn't everyone you know sick? Just spray a couple times under your tongue every 30 minutes and you'll be feeling better in no time.

And if you're not battling a cold, chances are you're stressed out - January and February are brutal, aren't they? That's why you'll want to keep Sprayology's Stress Relief close at hand. All those bills that need to be paid, the renovations that are looming, the work that you were supposed to hand in last week... all that seems more manageable now.

Look through the Sprayology product list and get at what's troubling you. It's nice to know that you can count on a natural solution that works with your body's own rhythms and needs.

**Little Hotties**

Like I said, it's been freakin' freezin' here. So cold that when I went out to get ingredients for our party on Friday, I couldn't feel my fingers as I tried my key in the door.

And that's with gloves ON.

That's why I've got to get more of these Little Hotties Warmers.

They've got you covered from head to toe- hand, hand + body, foot warmer insoles and adhesive toe and body warmers.

So whether you're going skating with friends for the afternoon or trying to get your errands done in the midst of the freezing cols, you're going to want to keep Little Hotties Warmers stockpiled.

At least until April.

Stephanie Dickison

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