Traveling This Holiday? Then Be Sure to Bring Your Tugo, Jamar Labs Wipes & Halo Headphones!

Traveling during the holidays can be tough.

Make it easier on yourself this time 'round with these fab items:

**Tugo Traveling Drink Holder**

This is one of those small things that make a HUGE difference in your day.

You just attach this little wonder to the handle of your rolling luggage and slip your cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or whatever gets you movin' and groovin' and ahhh... freedom, people. Absolutely freedom!

This ingenious little miracle means that you can finally drag your luggage through whatever airport, bus depot, etc. AND drink your coffee like a somewhat civilized person!

Have you ever tried to run for your flight while carrying your coffee? Ugh...

Where has this been all of my life?

Get one for yourself and everyone else that you know. They'll love you forever!

**Jamar Labs All Natural Wipes**

Certainly not made for just traveling, but they sure do come in handy:

These all-natural wipes allow you to stay clean while on the go. They are made from 100% cotton and natural ingredients, are biodegradable and paraben-free.

You can choose the kind and size that suits you - and your suitcase.

Use Wipe Your Face after a long day, flight or simple to refresh yourself after a long journey. It not only remove your makeup, but will soothe your skin, thanks to aloe and chamomile.

Wipe Your Feet comes in handy after a day of standing in airport lines and walking through your old neighbourhood. Cleanse your feet while getting rid of any stink with a quick wipe. Eucalyptus and menthol make you - and everyone around you - feel better in an instant.

And you know that you're going to go through tons of Wipe Your Hands. Wipe your hands and your food tray on the plane. Use it when there's no soap in the airport. Use it while you're driving to the hotel. Really, it's always a good time to use Wipe Your Hands.

Don't leave home without 'em!

**Halo Headphones**

Not only are Halo Headphones a fantastic idea and design, they are so damn comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing them!

Which means you can rock out to the high fidelity speakers and be completely handsfree while you are waiting at your gate, through delay after delay.

Which means that you won't have to keep adjusting those big muffs under your toque and your ear buds won't keep popping out of your ears - so #@!&* annoying!

Halo Headphones keep your music right where you want 'em - over your ears and you place each one where your ears are so they are completely customized. They fit your head, not someone else's.

The bonus? Your ears are completely covered with means you can listen to your music and stay warm without having to resort to a stupid looking hat, without having to finagle as I do, my glasses, hat and earphones all on my tiny, little ears.

They also happen to come with a 2-pronged airplane headphone jack so if you want to watch the inflight movie, you can do so in complete and utter comfort.

Now certainly Halo Headphones are not just for traveling (In fact, I'm wearing 'em inside, at my rolltop desk as I type out this post). But believe me when I tell you that if you're going to be traveling, this is as important an item to bring with you as your passport.

And then feel free to use it everyday thereafter... I am.

I'm off to go rock out now. Thanks, Halo.

You R-O-C-K my world!


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