Get Through Your List Once & For All With Thanks to Living Room Yoga, Lotus Aroma & Joyful Bath Co.

How did it get to be a week before Christmas already?

Are you panicking about all those people still on your list?

Don't worry - I've got you covered!

Here are some gifts for the hard-to-buy. Good luck out there!

**Living Room Yoga DVDs**

Know someone that wants to exercise but doesn't know where to start? These DVDs are fantastic - there's no having to get bundled up and go to a studio and no gym membership fees to pay!

Eva Barash is warm and friendly and takes you through breathing exercises and yoga movements, all while working within the constraints of your living room. You can even do poses using your own couch! How cool is that?

The guided lessons on the various DVDs are gentle enough for beginners (phew!), but interesting enough for the more advanced yoga practitioner. And really, the convenience of being able to do yoga in your own living room whenever you like is really is a fantastic, original and completely affordable gift.

And I'm not just making these gifts for the holiday, but year 'round too!

**Lotus Aroma Home Fragrance**

This is a lovely hostess gift .

Made of alcohol, water and essential oils, these fragrances are a nice way to keep the house smelling wonderful all season long.

There are 3 scents to choose from, each in a pretty blue bottle.

I've been using Due for the last week, and the combination of rosewood, palmarosa, lavandin grosso, ylang ylang and geranium evokes a floral scent into the air that is just beautiful.

I sprayed it one evening before my Mom came over. She remarked on how lovely our places smelled right away. Half an hour later, my fiance came through the door and even he noticed!

That's how good it is.

Infuse your home with wonderful scents this holiday!

**Joyful Bath Co. Therapeutic Bath Salts**

Show you care with these pampering bath salts that come in a range of scents, moods and sizes, so that you can really personalize the gift to the person.

These bath salts are handmade with all-natural ingredients (and no preservatives) and packaged simply, but still awfully pretty.

Need a boost this season? Then Refreshing Citrus Buzz, Recharging Green Tea Glee and Renewing 'Nilla Buttermilk is the way to go.

Or are you looking for a way to unwind during the holidays? Then perhaps Releasing Ginger Snap, Relieving Mellow Yellow and Relaxing Oatsie Floatsie is what you want to sink into.

This is something to keep stocked in the cupboards no matter what the time of year - something tells me you're going to need them!

Stephanie Dickison

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