Get Ready for the Holiday In Style with Rsession Tools, Sunfeather Natural Soap and Eyeko Makeup!

There are a lot of parties to go to this season, and you'll want to look your very best.

Here are a few amazing items to help transform you this holiday !

**Rsession Tools Pin-Up Girl Hair Styling Kit**

Want a super chic bun, classic beehive or the perfect ponytail this holiday, but don't have the hair to pull it off?

Look to Rsession Tools Pin-Up Girl Hair Styling Kit to recreate looks straight off the runway!

The kit includes everything you need to have the perfect updo this season: duckbill clip, snaps, small and large u-pins, mini and regular bobby pins, a hair bun, bungees, snag-free elastics, brush, headband and ponytail elastic!

And at a price of $21.99, you can get the look of professional models and actresses, at a fraction of the price.

How awesome is that?

Revamp your entire look this holiday with the Rsession Tools Pin-Up Girl Hair Styling Kit!

**Sunfeather Natural Soap Company's Foot Care Products**

Don't you find that because you're not wearing strappy sandals and showing off your tootsies like in summer, that in these summer months they start to look, well, ragged?

That's why you've got to do a little extra pampering at this time of year, and I'm in love with
Sunfeather Natural Soap Company's Foot Care Products!

Sandy Maine creates handmade, handcrafted products that are good for you, your body and the environment!

She gives her pre-profit income to over 8 environmental and peace groups and has created a "humanistic workplace and sharing profits with employees," so this is someone that you feel good about supporting!

And the products are fantastic! The Foot Fetish Foot Soak is a fun, foot-shaped wonder that you dissolve into hot water. Just think how soothed and relaxed you'll feel after a 20 minute soak in this haven of all-natural ingredients like baking soda, epsom salts, cornstarch and lavender, tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils!

To slough off all of that dry winter skin, get the Foot Fetish Salted Scrub. The soap bar shape makes it easy to use and the scents of spearmint, rosemary, sage and lavender makes it easy to fall in love with.

To soothe and refresh your your tired, aching feet, the Foot Fetish Foot Cream is a must-have item this season! Slather it on and feel instantly better. Your dog won't be barking after a long day of working and shopping after this treatment!

And if you want to get all 3 of these, get the Foot Fetish Gift Set.

Your holiday shopping just got a little easier, didn't it?

Have your summer feet back this winter with Sunfeather Natural Soap Company's Foot Care Products!

**Eyeko Makeup**

Eyeko Beauty calls itself "London’s cutest cosmetics, an irresistible line of make-up must haves with a Manga twist and distinct Japanese flavour."

Which means, you'll look amazingly fantastic and different than the rest of the crowd with their drugstore cosmetics.

And they really and truly are different than other products.

Take their Mascara for example. First of all, it comes in this wicked squeeze tube. Secondly, it elongates them while nourishing them (translation: lengthy lashes that glisten). And thirdly, when you go to remove it at the end of the day, it flakes off instead of smudging, which means no more raccoon eyes (it contains no lanolin, mineral oil or fibers). Pretty freakin' awesome!

Their Fat Balm is crazygood too. The wide container allows you to quickly and smoothly swipe on a little bit of colour, along with light-reflecting particles. You can do your lips and/or cheeks, so you can get ready in a fraction of the time. And it oozes strawberry fragrance like you wouldn't believe. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

The dark brown Tinted Cream looks like it would give you a tan of 70's ilk, but really, it kisses you with this amazing glow! You can put it on as a moisturizer under your makeup, on top of your foundation for added highlights and wow factor and around your eyes for full-on Hollywood glam! It goes on super light, thanks to the whipped texture and thanks to lots of jojoba and vitamins A, C and E, your skin feels moisturized and supple all day long.

You're going to want to get enough of these for you and ALL of your friends!

Get Eyeko Makeup this season. Seriously.

Stephanie Dickison

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