Get Affordable Luxury Items This Holiday Season from Le Labo, i-toc & Luxtural!

Want to wow the crowd with a luxe gift but don't have the cash to back it up?

Don't worry - these amazing presents won't break the bank, but the recipient doesn't have to know that...

**Le Labo Hand-Made Fragrances**

The beautiful label reads:

"Compounded in Nolita by Esra for Stephanie Dickison"

It doesn't get much more handmade than that!

You can shop for exclusive fragrances such as ROSE 31, a rose fragrance for men (but don't be surprised if your lady scoops it for an evening out!) and OUD 27, a musky concoction that is heady, sexy, robust and complex!

The quality and originality of these fragrances is far above the drugstore bottles that you're used to giving.

Step it up a notch with Le Labo Fragrances. You'll be so glad you did.

As will the recipient!

**i-toc Watches**

I wanted a watch that would stand out, that would be modern, fun and have some impact.

I found it all in the i-toc watch!

There is much to love about the i-toc:

- It comes in 6 colour combinations. An orange watch? Why not!!

- The face of the clock is constantly in motion and you tell the time by the gradient change. It is a way more exciting way to tell time than mere hands. Hands are so last year!!

- The design is clearly unisex, so anyone can rock the i-toc - it's completely unsexist!

- Each colour comes in a limited edition, so get 'em while you can!

- Designer Sean Zoega has created a superb watch that is absolutely affordable and most definitely rockin'!

Stock up this holiday season and get a gift that will totally surpass all others!

**Luxtural Skincare**

Luxurious skincare products is a lovely gift, especially if it's something the person wouldn't get for themselves.

Luxtural Skincare is lightweight on your skin and free of parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances.

It is also incredibly hydrating, which you'll appreciate in these winter months. As your friends arrive with dry, chapped skin, you'll continue to look radiant and dewy, despite the wind chill factor.

And to make it just that much more elegant, the airless pump containers effortlessly emit a mist of pure Pacific Ocean rain, exotic extracts, microencapsulated anti-aging distinctive components, and other natural ingredients.

Oh, and apparently Angelina Jolie uses it.

And just look at her - you don't get a testimonial better than that!

I tried the Sophisticated Veil, Silk Premonition and Mystique Fountain.

And yes, I do look a little more dewy, a little more youthful than usual.

Isn't that the best present you can give?!

Stephanie Dickison

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