Charge Your Devices Anywhere with the Innergie mCube 90!

My technological devices keep multiplying, despite my dedication to simplifying my life.

However, I remain completely tethered to them, so they must simplifying things somehow.

And now I have found the perfect gadget that makes charging them all a breeze - Innergie's mCube 90!

It's the world's smallest universal adapter and it's damn good lookin' too - finally, an adapter that's not a big clunky black box that looks awful and weighs a ton!

It is also capable of charging your laptop along with a couple of other items via USB, so that means it's not only great for at home but travel. It's so slim that it won't be tough to find space for this puppy in your luggage (woo woo!) And it comes with a detachable auto/air adapter, that allows you to charge on the go, whether you're on an airplane or in the car.

It's compatible with most brands of laptops (7 notebook tips are included) and because it comes with 4 types of built-in protection, you don't have to worry about harming your computer (thank goodness, because your LIFE is on their, right?!).

So now you can unload your briefcase, carry-on or messenger bag that's full of cables and chargers and replace them all with this one bright innovation! Save yourself time, money and energy by relying on just the mCube 90!

And if all of that isn't fantastic enough, it's got extremely high power efficiency with Energy Star certification to boot - so you can save yourself some money on energy bills and help the planet along the way!

I'm recommending that everyone who has a laptop and any external devices that are vital to your life - cellphone, mp3 player, digital camera, a Kindle perhaps? - have one of these.

You're be so much better for it. Everything just becomes so much easier with the mCube 90.

And isn't life complicated enough?!

Stephanie Dickison

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