Change Purses in An Instant With the Transfer Bag from Accessories By Joann!

Now that it's really fall (you can tell by the dark mornings, the cravings for pot pie and mashed potatoes and the switch from bare legs to tights), you'll want to change purses.

But don't you find it a hassle?

I don't know about you, but no matter how much I try to consolidate or reduce the amount I carry around with me, I still have a ton of stuff that I feel I need to keep with me.

Currently I'm lugging around:

my keys, wallet, smartphone, headset for smartphone, notebook and a couple of pens, kleenex, gum, lip balm, lip gloss, mp3 player and headphones, enzyme pills (because I eat out for a living and having lamb 5 days in a row is harder than you think), hand sanitizer (I almost never use it, but it does come in handy when there's no soap in the bathroom...), bandages (these were great during the summer months when I was switching in and out of various strappy heels), business cards, grocery shopping list and a coupon for a roast chicken.***

So you can see why I'd be hesitant to have to take all of that out only have to put it into another, perhaps even smaller bag than I'm carrying around...

That was until I found The Transfer Bags by Accessories by JoAnn!

These beauties allow you to keep all of your belongings organized while in your purse, tote, hobo - whatever kind of bag you're carrying - as well as making the switch from purse to purse an absolute dream. Just remove The Transfer Bag from your current bag and place in the bag you want to switch it to. It really is that easy!

And just think - you can finally use all of those purses that go unused and unloved season to season because before, it was just such a hassle to transfer the contents from one to another.

You can choose between 3 sizes- thank goodness, because what girl has bags that are all one size?! - and different materials and sizes. There is a built-in cosmetic bag, complete with a rhinestone-embellished zipper pull. Inside the bag, elastic pockets hold all of the contents securely and all in one place, which is way more than you can say about the current state of your purse. And there is a key loop, so that you can actually find your keys for once, which means you don't have to be one of those people fumbling through your huge satchel, hunting for your beloved keys while you hop from one foot to the other, desperate to get in the house and pee or open the car door, etc. Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Get something that works for you and your purses. Do you like understated, but classic prints? Then the Black & Brown Satin Classic Transfer Bag is for you. A patterned bag with black, brown and grey satin swirls is a deep, dark rich choice. Think wood-paneled rooms and those green desk lamps that make everything seem so quaint. This one comes with a wraparound handle that you can both detach or make longer.

Made of 100% satin, this is truly a luxurious choice.

And for the more modern gal, the Handle-It Classic Black Faux Leather with Gold Metallic Interior is the way to go! This thick, luxe bag really looks and feels like leather and is soft to the touch. You'll love using this one!

And if you want to add a little glam to your current bag, get the Metallic Transfer Bags.

Finally you can get your purse in order and when you're in the mood to change bags, you can do it quickly and easily.

Just imagine all the purses and bags you'll discover that you haven't used in ages because it's just been too much of a pain to switch the contents.

It's not the same as getting new ones, but almost!

*** tell me what you've currently got going on in your purse!

Stephanie Dickison

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