Speak Your Mind With A Lot To Say's 100% Green Tees!

It's a common sight to see people wearing their hearts on their sleeves, or more accurately, their thoughts on their tees.

And there's no better way to spread the word than A Lot to Say's messages that are in line with their manifesto.

Wear what you think and pick the issue that is closest to your heart.

If you're for gay marriage as I am, rock the I Do Tank. If cars have got you in a huff, wear the Fuel Cap Tee with pride and the Ignite Ribbed Tank to show 'em you can't be silenced!

Not only does A Lot To Say bring important issues to the forefront - and the asphalt - but they do it in an incredibly eco-minded way:

"[n]ow we can very proudly claim that they are more progressive, more green, more environmentally respectful than any other t-shirt out here."

They do this by:

- every A Lot To Say tee is now made entirely of RECYCLED BOTTLES.

- every tee is now printed by a revolutionary process called AIR DYE. This process utilizes a NO WATER printing procedure. That means no water is used for these shirts, thus helping to preserve our precious water supply.

- every tee is now 100% free of toxins.

- Every tee has the ability to recycle that same shirt into yet more RPET and recycled polyester and back into a new garment . That means no products going to landfill.

- every tee is created, dyed, sewed, manufactured and shipped within the U.S.A. Every day, the making of these shirts keep people employed, keep jobs in the USA and protest the conditions of sweatshop labor.

So not only do you get an incredibly cool top that is in line with your own beliefs and expresses your thoughts about a global issue concerning us all, but it is super soft and comfortable, looks fantastic and is made out of recycled bottles!

The only thing left to say, is how many are you going to get and which ones?!

Stephanie Dickison

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