3 Great Eco Finds for Your Home from Palm Leaf Dinnerware, Gaia & Ecopreme

It's getting easier to find and buy eco-friendly products for your home. I went in search of fun and useful products for around the house that are also good for the earth. Here's what I found...

**Palm Leaf Dinnerware**

Disposable plates are a godsend when you're having a party. Recently we had some people over and the one thing I've learned from years of entertaining is that I can no longer do it all - cook AND clean up afterwards. It's just too tiring and time-consuming. So since I just can't give up the cooking part, I've now switched to disposable party plates to make life a little more manageable.

The only problem was trying to find something other than styrofoam plates that didn't cost a fortune.

That's why I am forever grateful for Palm Leaf Dinnerware Plates.

Now I can throw a party and enjoy myself without worrying about the cleanup and I can serve my guests food on socially-responsible and beautiful plates.

They are biodegradable AND compostable, made from naturally discarded Adaka palm tree leaves that are found on the forest ground.

No trees were harmed during the making of these plates (woo woo!) and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can serve everything from wild mushroom and polenta stacks to stuffed chicken breasts with rice pilaf and grilled vegetables to the chocolate torte that you can't claim to have made yourself (you're good, but not that good...)

And just watch how people ooh and ahh over your dinnerware. It's a pretty great feeling!

**Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths**

I don't use facecloths because it is hard to find one I think is soft enough for this mug o' mine.

But now that I've found Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths, you can't keep me away from them!

These soft, soft, soft cloths not only are made from 100% bamboo, one of my all-time favourite materials that also happens to be completely sustainable and biodegradable, but they come powered with the ability to remove your makeup (including eyeliner, mascara, etc!), cleanse and tone your skin!

Infused with 8 pure citrus essential oils, organic Canadian honey, sunflower seed oil and oat amino acids, these cloths give your skin a baby soft feel and look and all without alcohol, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates and the need to rinse afterward.

I know, right?!

If you're using those expensive drugstore cleansing cloths, I highly recommend you try Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths to see and feel what a difference it makes.

The earth and your skin will thank you.

**Ecopreme iTouch Shower Curtain or Liner**

Chances are, you probably didn't think about the possibility of an eco shower curtain or liner. I mean, you're probably just trying to keep up with not using plastic bags at the grocery store and composting your organic kitchen matter regularly.

But thanks to Ecopreme (available through BedBathStore.com), you can finally have a clean, green and friendly shower curtain or liner that is chlorine freeand mold and mildew resistant. It even comes with rust proof metal grommets so your shower curtain won't be hanging by just 2 loops like the last one you had.

There are a number of styles to choose from (I got Frosty Clear) and you'll love how they feel to the touch - soft and buoyant without the icky plastic texture to combat with in the shower.

Woo woo!

Stephanie Dickison

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