Rock Your Skin With Swiss Line by Dermalab!

Sometimes you try something that is so other-worldy, so wonderful, you've just got to share.

I came across Swiss Line by Dermalab and thought their products looked good. High tech stuff that might just revolutionize your skin.

I mean, just look at this stuff:

Their new Gentle Bi Phase Eye Make-Up Remover is a half clear, half blue liquid that looks like the ocean. This dual-action formula activates when you shake the gold capped bottle and blend the two together. The sleek, soft solution instantly removes your makeup (even that impossible liquid liner and your mascara that just never comes off). What makes it so extraordinary is that your skin will immediately feel softer. My skin had been getting pretty dry thanks to a new product I was trying and the first night, I used the make-up remover, my skin felt better than it had in weeks.

So just imagine how amazing their creams, serums and moisturizers are!

Just check out their Age Intelligence Cellular Recovery Complex from their Paramedical Anti-Aging line.

First off, let's define what "paramedical anti-aging" means, because I certainly didn't know.

All it means is that it includes "medical-grade and cellular bio-mimetic" ingredients, multi-tasking products and concentrated formulas. Okay, I don't know what bio-mimetic is, but it sounds like it would get rid of wrinkles, doesn't it?

What I do know is that their Cellactel 2 Complex, is "a medical-grade oxygen carrier proven to mimic and copy the natural breathing of cells. It remarkably boosts the healing process while reducing cumulative skin damage. And Ceramides 3B and Hyaluronic Acid helps to fill in all your lines and wrinkles, giving you the youthful and supple skin that you've been dreaming of.

Now it comes in a syringe, but don't worry - there's no injecting of anything anywhere. You simply put 2 drops of serum onto the back of your hand and smooth onto your face and neck. You can use it alone in the evening and pair it with a moisturizer during the day.

What you'll notice right away is a difference in your skin's look and feel. Supple, smooth skin will greet you each and every time you look into the mirror. You'll look more youthful, which means you just might start donning shorter skirts, go dancing 'til 2 a.m. and all the other things you haven't done since like, forever ago.

Swiss Line by Dermalab - this right here folks, is the good stuff.

So splurge and get to know a more youthful you. It's worth it!

Stephanie Dickison

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