Guyot Designs Makes Camping Fun!

Everyone I know it seems, has gone camping this weekend.

And while they are seasoned packers and climbers, no one is quite happy about their supplies - either they're old and crumbling or they just aren't quite up to the job.

So I went in search of quality, fun products that my camping buddies could use and count on - no matter what the weather. And I found it all in Guyot Designs!

They have created a melange of useful and innovative products that are fun to use and earth-conscious.

Take their MicroBites, for example. This 5-in-1 tool kit has everything you'll need - spoon, fork, knife, spatula and spreader - in order to eat well on the road and on the campsite. It comes in 3 colours and is superlight and small. They'll be the first thing you pack on your next trip!

And I loooove the Squishy Bowls. You can sqaush and squish them to your heart's content, but they will always bounce back to their shape, thanks to being made of flexible food-grade silicon. Which also means you can cram them into your backpack, taking up almost no room at all - finally! They can be handwashed using just soap and water (because really, where you're staying, that's all that you'll have) and are temperature resistant to 400˚F. I think they are great for at home use too. Why save them for only camping or traveling?!

Something that you can definitely use in the city is the Backpacker Stainless Steel Wide-Mouth Bottle. This sturdy sucker is part of Guyot's C-Minus program - "every bottle we produce carries 100lbs of verified green house gas emissions reductions- making our bottles not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative! Each bottle we sell through the website is part of C-Minus batch number: 07-649733. You can use that serial number in our C-Minus SN Look-up form to find detailed information about the emissions reductions attached to each bottle." So you are helping by buying a healthy alternative to plastics or polycarbonates and with it's low-impact fabrications and 100% recyclability, it's a fantastic way to drink on the go and responsibly!

And add the TapGuard to it, specially made for wide-mouth bottles - it removes up to 95% of chlorine, iodine and other bad-tasting chemicals while being BPA and polycarbonate free.

See all of Guyot Designs products and make yourself a little kit for next your trip. No wonder people are heading out camping for the weekend - this stuff rocks!

Stephanie Dickison

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