Jigsaw Health Complete Essential Daily Packets Gives You All the Vitamins You Need

My fella and I are like most of you. We lead crazybusy lives and in between running around, we try to eat well and live a healthy life.

But like most of you, we fail at getting enough sleep, remembering to take our vitamins at mealtimes and eating enough of the right foods to get us through our day.

And while vitamins are not the cure for all that ails us, I truly believe that they help to stave off colds and keep me going when all else fails.

But never before have I had vitamins like the ones at Jigsaw Health.

I love the idea of buying really good vitamins, but I have to admit that I usually get mine at the drugstore (on sale, if I can), while I pick up toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.

But we both take different ones, so each night we divvy up our own concoctions and sometimes we forget, sometimes we run out of one before the other - it's a whole thing.

But with the Jigsaw Complete Essential Daily Packets, it was soooo easy - just take a packet in the morning and a packet at night. I loved not having to worry about missing one or forgetting another. It was already all thought out for me! (They suggest taking each supplment on its own to make sure that your body can tolerate it. I cannot have fish oil, so I eliminated it from my daily doses).

The daily packets are designed for you and I - busy folks who want to live a long and healthy life with energy and verve! They contain all the essential ingredients to get you through the day and make you feel great - magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, antioxidants, multi mineral and omega-3 fish oil.

And both my guy and I felt a real difference, not only in the quality of the vitamins, but in our energy levels. We have both come to realize the power of magnesium, something that neither of us had taken before and how it is something that should be included in our daily regimen.

I know they may seem a little pricey, but think about all the different vitamins and minerals that you are purchasing, like I was - bottles and bottles of the stuff. The difference is not much. And when you see the immense difference in taking high quality vitamins, you'll realize that it's worth the little extra every month.

You'll save time and gain energy and feel good. Aren't those 3 things on your wish list?

Wishes granted.

Stephanie Dickison

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