China Glaze Is The Must-Have Accessory for the Summer!

Luscious nail lacquers in the most amazing colours that go one with just a few swipes and only one coat - China Glaze is a must-have this summer!

What sets China Glaze apart from the rest is that they actually use China clay in their formulation, so that you get a thick coat that stays put and lasts. They are free of DBP/Toluene and added Formaldehyde and it doesn't thicken in the bottle like those other brands, so you never have to worry about adding thinner!

They come in a variety of crèmes, shimmers, iridescents, pearls, glass-flecks and metallic options and so many incredible colour collections that you'll definitely want to stock up on a bunch!

To help make it easier, why not get a box of exciting colours?

I am loving the bright, glittery look of the Summer Days collection! For my book launch tonight, I am wearing Cherry Pie, a lovely medium coral with tons of glimmer to add a little Hollywood glitz to my outfit! Orange Marmalade is an incredibly flattering orange, for those of us that can't usually pull off that colour and Raspberry Festival is a hot red that makes me think of Rita Hayworth and the like. The magenta-ish colour of Strawberry Fields is a great choice for this season's wardrobe and for added drama, Grape Juice and Watermelon Rind will get you noticed!

I am also swooning over the Romantique collection! It comes in 2 palettes - Cool and Warm. I got the Cool one because I love the lilacs and blue-greens, and with my fair skin and blonde hair, it is just a natural match. And with names like Adore and Awaken, don't be surprised if your nails are the centre of attention.

China Glaze offers fantastic colours for the season in easy-to-use, fast-drying, long-lasting formulations.

Make your outfits pop this summer with China Glaze - I'm going to!

Stephanie Dickison

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