Worn Free Has the Coolest Tees - Vintage & Retro Styles Worn By Famous Musicians

Music is a big part of my life. In fact, much of my day is spent at the computer, rockin' out to tunes while I write and work. Then I take a break and dance a little and then get back to work. I could not live without music.

And that's why I think what Worn Free has done is so freakin' brilliant - to help you feel closer to the music AND the musician, they have reproduced t-shirts that have been worn by artists such as Debbie Harry, Joan Jett and Kurt Cobain, for example.

So, you are getting a little bit of musical history along with a connection to an artist that paved the way - how cool is that?!

I got Debbie Harry's No Pictures T-Shirt, John Lennon's Working Class Hero tee and Frank Zappa's Rental shirt. Each shirt comes with a "presentation satin sticker hang-tag in the form of a backstage pass with a photograph of the artist wearing the original shirt or the artist's original design." It gives you a little bit of information about the artist and the shirt and it so awesomely authentic looking, that you're going to want to put this "backstage pass" up somewhere that you can see it!

The Working Class Hero shirt, for example, was photographed on John while he, Yoko and Sean were in Japan, it explains on the pass. Awesome.

And by using a special printing process, Worn Free is able to achieve an authentic vintage tee look without sacrificing the quality of the shirt. In fact, the tee is so darned comfy and soft (thanks to 100% pre-washed cotton - Mmm, snuggly!) that you can't be blamed if you want to wear it ALL the time because it is both tres cool AND comfy!

And don't worry about all of this being used without anyone's permission. All of the t-shirts and images used are "fully licensed from the estates and individuals concerned. We have clearance to use all the photo imagery that we use on our site."

Phew! Because I'm going to be wearing these ALL THE TIME!!!!

Shop for yours and get a little closer to the music that you love. It's one of the coolest things E-V-E-R!!!!!

Stephanie Dickison

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